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Prerequisite Name Requsted for Downloads
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 - eSuite Dynamics / eFast Dynamics / Rhino Dynamics
- QiPOS / miPOS / RhinoPOS
- FrontSale
Microsoft Point of Service 1.14 - QiPOS / miPOS / RhinoPOS Download
EPSON OPOS ADK 2.80E Release 8 - QiPOS / miPOS / RhinoPOS Download
SQL Express LocalDB v2012 All Download
SQL Server Express 2008 All x86 / x64
SQL Server Management Studio Optional Latest Version
Version 2008
Version 2008R2
Version 2012

Samples Database


Business Remarks Downloads
RetailShop Backup Database from SQL2008 Engine.
Can restore database using 'SQL Management Studio'
That Installed right Database engine version.

All application when need to login using:
eSuite User: admin
Password: 1234
Please force change admin password with your new password

QiPOS application when need to login using:
User: all users
Password: 1234
SPA / Massage SPA.bak
Restaurant Restaurant.bak
Drug Store DrugStore.bak
Cafe's' Bakery CafeBakery.bak