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Reservation Online is a both of Internet Web Browser and Windows application in the development of hotel reservation and booking software for the SME. for Internet base we call "Reservation Online" and Windows base we call "Reservation Online Client"

Our reservation online and reservation online client can manages the day to day running of a small to medium hotel, motel, apartments or guesthouse. The software includes functionality for room booking, system reports and customer invoicing requirements.

Amongst other things, the software provides the functionality to view room availability for the coming week, month and year. This allows the user to manage their accommodation effectively. The software is developed and improved through constant feedback from our many clients.

The Reservation Online software is suitable for the following types of accommodation :
Hotels, Condomenuims, Apartments, Guesthouses.
Hostels, any of Room Services.

Read on to discover what functionality the Reservation Online software offers and how the software can make your business more organised and efficient. When ready download a 90-day trial of the Reservation Online Client software.

Reservation Online System - Software Overview

HOTELTHAILAND.INFO, DIRECTBOOKING24.COM by Software House Thailand. believe that software should be simple and not a challenge to learn and use. we have released what it believes to be one of the easiest to use Reservation Online systems available.

Hotel Room Bookings Calendar
The Reservation Online system includes a booking calendar which is useful to plan bookings ahead of time. The calendar has an infinite time view, making it possible to book rooms ahead for a week, month or even next year. Booked cells appear in different colour bands depending on the booking status. Yellow means that the booking is uncommitted. Green means that the booking is confirmed and red means that those rooms on selected dates are unavailable.

Reservation Online Form
The booking form is used for inputting new bookings and for viewing and editing existing bookings. The form also holds details for the customer, booking, rooms, venues, services and payment details. Repeat customer details are easily returned by entering the customers surname.

Reservation Online System Reports
The Reservation Online system produces various reports such as, customer loyalty reports, customer payment reports, guest arrival reports, hotel accounting reports, room financial reports etc...

Reservation Online System - Software Overview